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Monday, December 18, 2006


ATTN: Harry Potter fans:

For real, y'all. Earthbound Quidditch. Awesome. . . my nerdy fan-girl self is going "Squeee!"

I'd hate to be the snitch, though. You'd have to be so fast and agile . . . I can't imagine the games last for long. . .though maybe the bludgers keep things from getting to easy . . .

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'll Be Home for Christmas

T'all know my bias in favor of of military boys and girls. Mind you, this particualr video is of Canadian Troops, but it's good to send our allies props, too.

This has long been one of my favorite of the "secular" Christmas songs, and dates from (I believe) WWII, about the soldiers overseas in both theatres of the War.

(And yes, the song itself plays twice in this, once with pics, once just blank.)

Enjoy, and remember to keep our warriors in your prayers.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sussex Carol

Today's selection has no anime! Just an ordinary carol, the Sussex Carol, sing by the Choir of King's College, Cambridge. Enjoy!

And we all say, "Amen!"

Some good news this morning, because I really prefer to write about when things are good. . .

If you missed it, M. Zuhdi Jasser (chairman of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy)whote this opinion piece in Monday's Arizona Republic, entitled "From a Muslim outlook, imams have missed the point on flight behavior"

Finally, someone out there in Muslimland who not only gets it, but publishes his understanding of the issue. It starts

The first thing one must understand about this whole hullabaloo with the
Muslim imams taken off a Phoenix-bound plane in Minneapolis is that it most
definitely was not about the right to prayer or freedom of worship.

And much as the imams and their handlers may try, it is certainly not about

And goes from there. Another good excerpt (all emphasis mine):

Yet public opinion has not seemed to budge in favor of the imams. The
lesson here lies in why. It has to do with credibility.

We are all creatures of passion. This fiasco has stirred the passionate cry
of victimization from the Muslim activist community and imam community. But
where were the news conferences, the rallies to protest the endless litany of
atrocities performed by people who act supposedly in my religion's name? Where
are the denunciations, not against terrorism in the abstract, but clear
denunciations of al-Qaida or Hamas, of Wahhabism or militant Islamism, of
Darfurian genocide or misogyny and honor killings, to name a few? There is no
cry, there is no rage. At best, there is the most tepid of disclaimers. In
short, there is no passion. But for victimization, always

Only when Americans see that animating passion will they believe that we
Muslims are totally against the fascists that have hijacked our religion. There
is only so much bandwidth in the American culture to focus upon Islam and
Muslims. If we fill it with our shouts of victimization, then the real problems
from within and outside our faith community will never be heard.

Acknowledging violence within some areas of Islam? check.
Decrying the lack of protest against said violence? check.
Calling BS on vicimization in light of lack of said protest? check.

He goes on to talk about prayer in Muslim life, and various instructions regarding how to pray, when, etc. . .good stuff. Gives a kffr gal like myself hope, ya know?

As usally directed, read it all.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Gundam Wing Endless Waltz - Restless Holiday

Okay, so I lied. Here's the Manheim Steamroller version of Carol of the Bells with footage from the same OVA. Actually, I prefer this version-- of the song, and the video. Better choreographed, more bishonen, less Relena. . .nice . . .

An Endless Carol

This is the Transiberian Orchestra and Metallica, with their version of Carol of the Bells (with some God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlmen thrown in.) This version has become rather ubiquitous over the last several years, and as one can imagine, is one of the most popular songs for Anime Music Videos (AMVs).

Unfortunately, many people take the song, aslap on some good action clips and viola! AMV!

I chose this one for the following reasons:

1) Gundam Wing is my favorite of the Gundam animes, and this is from the OVA for that series, Endless Waltz

2) Endless Waltz takes place during Christmas, which makes a carol a very appropriate song. Few other animes have appropriate subject matter. I saw one Naruto one that might do, but the best music videos not only match image and sound, but also meaning and meaning.

3) expanding a bit on #2, this OVA takes place exactly one year after the end of the series, when the peace our heroes helped create is threatened, and they come to the rescue. Peace, Christmas, and ass-kicking makes this the best choice of what I saw.

My only problem? Too much Relena (Heeero! when you gonna come kill meeee?!?!?!?) Peacecraft, not enough Trowa, Quatre, or Duo.

No to mention no Sexy Zechsy!

Anyway, I this is (so far) the only AMV I have scheduled. . .

Monday, December 11, 2006

Carnival Against Islamofacism-- Immaculate Conception Edition!

So, you say, what's yer excuse this time, CC?

Ahem. Final Exams for my Business class. It happens. Hopefully not again until next April. Oie.
anyway. . .

Welcome to the December 11, 2006 edition of Carnival Against Islamofacism. This weekend Catholics celebrated the Second Week of Advent, and the Feast of the Immaculate Conception-- which really has little to do with Jesus (exept in a rather "prologue" sort of way, like Episode 1 has to do with Luke Skywalker, only with a better plot line and less CGI), and more to do with his Mom, Mary, and her conception. Born without the lingering after effects of the doings in Paradise by Adam and Eve called Original Sin. All that. I had this great post all planned out except now my brain is fried from exams, and all I can think about is "Dang, what do I need at the grocery store to finish off the baking of Christmas cookies?"

BTW, I'm using my mother's recipies which are soooooo yummy. And a mix of Chirstmas and Hannukah cookie cutters, simply b/c we know so many Jewish folk that it's nice to make something for them, too. So, sugary manorahs, angels, and santas for all!

On with the Carnival. . .

Chuck Jines presents The Setting of Precedents posted at The Global Conservative.

Wherein he briefly discusses the relative histories of Islam and Christianity.


Richard Baker presents Fundamentalist Islam's cargo cult posted at sharp blue, saying, "A discussion of Islamic Fundamentalists' total misunderstanding of the deep patterns of Islamic history."

Kevin presents Ahmadinejad Writes Letter to America?This Should...This Should Be Our Response posted at Political Dishonesty. I know we all wanted to do this, but he actually did.

Roci presents War of words. posted at Rocinante's Burdens. Civil War? Nothin' civil 'bout it. . .

Bad News

Danny Simkin presents Samson Blinded - A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict (Unicode UTF-8 encoding) » Keeping peace, protecting the Arabs posted at Samson BLinded.

About the UN wanting to send "observers" to the region. As always, refreshingly candid.


Bile, Snark, and Sneer return to present Redrum. posted at Bile, Snark, and Sneer. Ah, those Imams will provide fodder for many moons to come, I think . . .

Jon Swift is back, and presents To the Moon, Enemy Combatants posted at Jon Swift, saying, "What is the real purpose of the Moon base NASA plans to build?"

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of
carnival against islamofacism
using our
carnival submission form.
Past posts and future hosts can be found on our

blog carnival index page

We've got one volunteer to help with posting these, so I'd like to see a few more, if possible! Anyway, I'm gonna host the Hannukah Edition, and then we'll start passing it around for Solstice. ^_^

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Cartman sings "O Holy Night"

So, according to my Calender that couldn't note that Dec. 7 was Pearl Harbor Day, yesterday , the 10th, was Human Rights Day. In honor of that, we have Eric Cartman singing "O Holy Night". (Yes, I will post a "real" version at another time.) Gotta love cattle-prods. . .

Friday, December 08, 2006

Edward Burrowes with St Pauls,- Balulalow

Today is the Feast of the Immacualte Conception--the feast celebrating the conception of Mary. In recognition of that, today's selection is "Balulalow", from Benjamin Britten's Ceremony of Carols. And yes, that's middle english they're singing. lovely. . .

Thursday, December 07, 2006

No Mas!

That The Muslim American Society (MAS) is an American splinter of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is fairly well documented, primarily exposed in the September 2004 Chicago Tribune article "A rare look at a secretive Brotherhood in America" (The last3-4 pages deal most specifically with MAS, the rest with the MB). Go read, then come back.

Although MAS leadership proclaims that the two organizations are now separate and independent of each other, many of their own materials show that the base ideology (Islamic Rule for the entire world) is the same. Daveed Garterstein-Ross, in the Weekly Standard, points out that their curriculum of reading includes (and emphasises) the views and writings of MB founder Al-Banna (that all governments should be Islamic), Fathi Yakun (That "Until the nations of the world have functionally Islamic governments, every individual who is careless or lazy in working for Islam is sinful") and Syed Qutb (that Jihad is for the establishing of Allah's authority on Earth).

Although not as noisy as CAIR or MPAC, MAS claims 53 chapters and 10,000 members, it is clearly a group to be watched. A visit to their site [] leaves one sniffing their air, identifying the scent of Eau de Victime, in the classic CAIR style. Browsing through the site, I found myself thinking "What would Robert Spencer say?" He would say what he says so much-- that they keep blaming bigots for the distrust of Islam, not the violence perpetrated in its name, nor the writings they themselves have on their curriculum. Or as I've said in other places, "blaming everyone else before themselves, starting with the Jews, down through the martians, or catfish in Lake Pontchartrain." Truly, such whining is unbecoming of civilized people. Why are you distrusted? Maybe 'cuz you keep trying to kill us. . .

One of the efforts of the MAS is the Council of Islamic Schools (MASCIS) []. They introduce this "department" as follows:

MASCIS operates as the educational branch of the Muslim American Society
(MAS). Through the Council of Islamic Schools, MAS offers several technical and
support services as well as professional training programs for teachers and
administrators of full-time and part-time Islamic schools. MASCIS is working to
establish an effective network of Islamic schools in order to exchange
information and expertise, and upgrade and unify curricula.

Not very enlightening (as with much of the site, there is a plethora of nice-seeming generalities which, to educated eyes, look at lot like newspeak. "Meltdown is such a buzzword. We prefer Unscheduled Fission Surplus" -- Montgomery Burns). But as a fellow 910-er noted, the last paragraph sort of says it all.

The future of the Muslim community in North America is dependent upon
securing all of our possible human and financial resources. Only in this way
can we prepare and protect the next generation of Muslims to carry the
banner, convey the message, and meet the challenges of the future. Alone, we
may not achieve much, but indeed together we can achieve more. Therefore, we
ask that you take a moment to reflect on this opportunity, and agree to lend
support to this organization's program. May Allah accept our work and yours,

The intervening paragraphs tell of wanting to network schools, be a resource, develop a unified curricula, etc. . . And these things are not, in and of themselves, negative. Indeed, if Muslims could get together and give a definitive answer to many of our questions -- as opposed the usual contradictory taqqiya BS-- it would be useful. However, when it's the MAS trying to do this, in consideration of their own curricula, one must be a bit more wary. It's kinda like the KKK deciding to standardise the curricula of our schools, or having Opus Dei or CTA run the Vatican CDF. None of these are spectacularly brilliant ideas, and I worry that MAS will stifle the much needed interior dialogue and reform needed in American Islam.

In the end, MAS and their various projects are something to be aware of. USA Today noted that they were involved with that whole Taxi-thing a few months ago--which itself says something about their ideas and values. If Muslims in America wish to be treated like other Americans, MAS is not the way to go. If, however, Muslims want to force their ways upon the rest of us in religious apartheid, then MAS may be on to something.

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Also related:

Growing up, my favorite Christmas special of all time was the Claymation Christmas special. How I loved that special, and I've never really understood why they stopped showing it. . .

Anyway, today, we've got a segment from that special-- The California Raisins singing "Rudolph the Red-nosed Raindeer." This is classic, yo.